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Advantages of Membership

AITA members are companies, faculties of Albanian University that provide branches on research computing and NGOs operating in the field of IT. Members who have paid membership quota have the right to vote on all topics that are addressed by the association and its groups. Members can participate in the groups in which they have expressed interest to join. Any member who has paid membership quota has one vote. The votes of the members have the same value.


  • Can participate and contribute to discussions within the General Assembly Meeting of the Members;
  • Entitled to vote at General Meetings;
  • Has the right to run for leadership positions of the association (Presidency and Board);
  • May participate in committees and working groups established by the association;
  • Has the right to communicate directly and submit proposals on the activities of the association to the Board and Executive Director;
  • Has the opportunity to be engaged in AITA activities such as communication with institutions, receiving information on opportunities for cooperation, acceptance of information on new projects, participation in projects initiated by the AITA or its members, etc.;
  • Has the opportunity to be included in the database (and catalog) members presenting the list of products and services that will be used to enter into contact and have communication with potential clients and partners;
  • Has the opportunity to provide discounts on the price of participation in seminars or other events for IT co-organized by AITA;
  • There is the possibility to get quick information on all topics and activities that are being developed by the association;
  • Has the opportunity to develop networking with AITA members and members of associations of other states which cooperate with AITA.