Lead Bodies

The association has the following governing bodies: the Presidency of the Assembly, the Board of Directors, and Executive Director. Currently, these bodies have the following contents:

Presidency of the Assembly:

  • Grigor Joti (InfoSoft Group) – President
  • Erjon Curraj (Tech360) – Vice President

Board of Directors:

  • Dritan Mezini (DM Consulting Services) – Board Chairman
  • Romeo Sherko Ikubinfo – Deputy Chairman
  • Linda Shomo (EasyPay) – Member
  • Genc Likoskëndaj (CCS) – Member
  • Bardhyl Këllezi (BNT Electronics) – Member
  • Armand Frangu (B360) – Member
  • Gjergji Guri (Facilization) – Member

Acting Executive Director: Dritan Mezini (as of January 2015)

Strategic Partners:

Leading supporters of the association are: USAID REG, Risi Albania, Open Regional Fond for Foreign Trade Promotion / IT Component-GIZ Project