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The Austrian School “Peter Mahringer” is an upper secondary technical vocational school for Information technologies.
It was founded in 2007 by the Austrian Ministry of Education and follows the Austrian Curriculum for Information technology schools. The Austrian School has high qualified Austrian and Albanian teachers. IT-subjects, business administration, project management, sciences and foreign languages are taught by Austrian teachers in German language. Mathematics and other general subjects are taught in Albanian or both in German and Albanian. After five years, students complete the school via a Diplomarbeit (“diploma thesis”) and the Austrian and Albanian Matura. In 2011/2012 the school has 228 students and 24 teachers (18 Austrian, 6 Albanian). The school has capacity for approximately 300 students, which will be reached in school year 2012/2013.
Street Dedë Gjon Luli, 4000 Shkodër
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Marilda Shala
School – Office
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Training of IT-experts. The educational focus of our school is Information technologies: The students are trained in the use of computers systems and their peripheral equipment. This training includes the basic functioning of such systems, and also the installation, configuration, and connection to other devices of such computer systems. Furthermore, complicated problem scenarios, including both hardware and software problems, are tested in order to teach the analysis and repair of such problems. The assembly, configuration and handling of computer systems, including hardware and software aspects, form the core of this IT-education.