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ASSECO SEE Albania is a part of ASSECO SEE, and is collaborating closely with ASSECO SEE Kosovo. ASSECO SEE Albania has started activities in Albania on 10.04.2007, as part of ASSECO SEE (HQ in Poland).
Asseco Group is a federation of companies engaged in information technology. Asseco Group operates in most of the European countries as well as in Israel, USA, Japan, and Canada. Asseco Group companies are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange as well as on the American NASDAQ Global MarketsASSECO SEE Albania is a part of ASSECO SEE, and is collaborating closely with ASSECO SEE Kosovo.
St. “AbdylFrashëri”, EGT Tower 6/1, Kati 6, Tirana, Albania
+355 42 269 320 / 480 6666
+ 355 68 60 66 002
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Ardian Shehu
General Manager
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Fields of Activity
Asseco Group has a comprehensive oer in these Business Units: Banking, Insurance companies, Public Administration, Healthcare, Telco&Utilities, ERP, IT Infrastructure. Today, the Group operates mainly in the following six segments of the information market: • solutions and services for the banking sector • solutions in the area of the mobile banking & authentication • suppliance, installation and services in the field of ATMs and payment terminals • solutions and services to the general business and telecommunications sector • integration services and delivery and implementation of ICT systems and equipment • payment gateway solutions
The following table displays the company certications and partnerships for ASSECO SEE Albania and ASSECO SEE Kosovo: Microsoft/Software Solutions, Services /Gold Certified Partner; 21 MS Certified Specialists; HP/ Servers, Storage, Software, Workstations/ Software -2010 Preferred Partner Gold/ 10 HP Cert. Specialists; Cisco / Internetworking Solutions /Premier Certified Partner/ 9 Cisco Certified staff; EMC / Data Management Solutions / Affiliate Partner /2 EMC Certified Professionals; Oracle / Software Solutions /Platinium Partner/ 3 Oracle Certified Professionals; VMware / Virtualization Solutions / VIP Professional Partner/ 1 VMware Cert. Specialist; Symantec / Information Lifecycle and Security Solutions Registered Partner/ 1 Symantec Cert. Professional; 3Com /Network Active Components / Authorized Silver Partner/ 3 3Com Cert. staff; Conteg / Rack Enclosures /Authorized Partner; Belden / Cables / Authorized Partner; Veritas / Data Management, Backup Solutions / Authorized Select Partner; Panduit / Network Passive Components / Authorized Partner; Honeywell SM / Point of Sale Solutions / Authorized Partner; Star Micronics / Point of Sale Printers / Authorized Partner; Spica Intl / Access Control & Time Attendance / Authorized Partner;
Asseco Poland S.A. is the largest IT company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It is also a major player in the European software producers market. With EUR 455 million in revenue from sales of proprietary software and services, Asseco Group ranked 8th among the "TOP100 European Software Vendors" published for 2009 by True Capital.
Asseco Poland S.A. is a key driver in building its multinational group of protable information technology companies. The Company continues to build IT holdings that operate in various regions of Europe: Asseco Central Europe, South Eastern Europe, Asseco DACH, Asseco South Western Europe and Asseco Northern Europe.