Export Marketing is a program that aims to help the Albanian companies to do more business with European customers. The program is composed  by 3 sessions : training sessions, mentoring days and a study tour. The main trainer was Mr. Laszlo Klucs,  Senior Consultant, Software Services & Outsourcing and Mrs. Eldisa Zhebo, as co-trainer. The program is financed by  USAID/ REG BREDI Program & AITA.

Within the course, each company has one separate day for mentoring in the company. The expert will advise and mentor the companies to build their online, off-line promotion, carry out their individual market readiness assessment and build their go-to-market plan. 

The final part of the program is  attending a Study tour in one of the EU countries. The country will be selected based on the event and in cooperation with the international consultant/trainer. The event will provide an opportunity for the companies to get accustomed with a trade event, meet other companies and self-assess their readiness for the international market access and expansion.

Some of the themes discussed in the 3 training’s were:

  • The European Union Market segmentation,
  • Trade channels
  • Individual work and consultation
  • Market research
  • MIS
  • Positioning statement
  • Strategy development
  • Pricing strategies
  • The sales funnel
  • Selling IT services
  • Selected intercultural issues in IT
  • Export readiness
  • Benchmarking
  • The EMP
  • SWOT
  • Value proposition
  • Positioning statement
  • Action Planning
  • Budget and forecast
  • Online promotion
  • Event participation
  • HRM
  • Compliance
  • Legal