DIGITALEUROPE  and European Schoolnet will implement also in 2012 the eSkills Week project as an initiative of the European Commission,  aiming to raise awareness about education, training, jobs and opportunities in which to provide access through the acquisition of digital skills РeSkills. These skills are assessed in being essentinal for professionals who work especially in small and medium enterprises, to young people who intend to become part of the workforce in corporations that are looking for preparing talents. This year project is based on the successful experience of 2010, focused raising awareness for the acquisition of digital skills to be employed in the digital society. Albanian Information Technology Association is involved in the eSkills 2012 project,  invited by DIGITALEUROPE as supporting and promotional organization of Albania, along with counterparts organisations in various countries of Europe. This involvment at the international level of AITA provides an opportunity to move forward with the agenda of AITA on information technology sector on Albania at national and international level and to make Albanian more visible in the European map of information technology sector, especially within the 100-year anniversary of independence. More info on: