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Workshop “IT Standards”, at ProTIK, June 8, 2016

The workshop has provided a high-level overview of the common challenges of software development and IT support teams and furthermore, provides insights on how those challenges could be addressed through well-recognized IT standards, models and frameworks. the workshop will address common problems in software development and IT support such as:

Delay in the delivery: How to effectively plan and estimate project duration?
Changing requirements: How to satisfy the dynamic requirements of our customers?
Multitasking: How to combine software development with support activities within the team?
Market fit: Which development mode/standard could be highly appreciated by our target market?
Funding: How to find support for our process improvement initiative?

The main instructor was Mr.  Ivaylo Gueorguiev, Program Manager at the European Software Institute – Center Eastern Europe, Professional Scrum Master I, Kanban practitioner, Tecnalia CMMI for Senior Managers Instructor & ITMark Appraiser.